Winter Seasonal Gardening


Posted by Julien Stern | Posted in Gardening | Posted on 26-05-2013

winter-snow-treeGardening during the summer is a fun and relaxing past time that millions of people enjoy.  As fall comes around, many people think that it is time to put away their gardening tools for the winter, but there are actually some great things you can do with your garden during the winter.  In some climates it will not be possible to grow anything outside because of the cold weather and snow, but in warmer climates you can often keep your garden going as long as you take extra care.

Winter gardening is not as difficult as many people might think, but it does take some planning and a little extra attention.  Most people agree that this is a great hobby to enjoy all winter long as long as you give it then care it requires.

Colder Climates

In parts of the country where it is simply too cold to do any gardening in the winter, you can still enjoy this excellent hobby.  You can start an herb garden inside.  Due to the small size of these plants, you can keep them on window ledges or even have a small area in a room dedicated only for them.  You can grow them through the winter inside and then either move them outside in the spring, or just keep them as an inside project all year.

There are many other plants which can do quite well in pots during the winter season.  The main concern for most people who take on indoor gardening activities is the size of the plant.  They wouldn’t want to grow corn for example, because the stalks get so large.  Tomatoes, however, are an excellent option for indoor growth.  Just make sure to place them in an area which has plenty of sunlight.

Warmer Climates

Winter gardening in warmer climates is not too difficult.  As long as it stays warm enough to keep the plants growing during the day, you can take steps to ensure they survive the nights easily.  Some people will grow everything in pots so they can move them inside during the evening and days when it is too cold, and then move them outside on warmer days.

Another option is to have your plants in the ground throughout the winter and use protective coverings to keep them warm during the night.  There are blankets designed to keep the frost and cold off of plants at night, and you can also consider custom glass enclosures which will help fight the cold.  They can even help intensify the sunlight so they will grow better on cool days.

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