Fertilizer For Free: Make Your Own Fertilizer


Posted by Julien Stern | Posted in Gardening | Posted on 26-04-2013

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compostFertilizers are used to be mixed in the soil and enrich the soil where you have planted your plants. Fertilizers make the soil “healthy” and filled with nutrients and minerals that plants need. Ensuring the health of the soil will also ensure the health of your plants.

The use of chemical commercial fertilizers can cost so much sometimes and the results are not that satisfying. Another problem with the use of commercial chemical fertilizers is that they may cause harm to the human body when ingested (especially when used in vegetables that we eat). Chemicals can also make the soil acidic thus making it unhealthy and inappropriate for planting or plant cultivation as time goes by or with prolonged use.

What if you can make use of a free fertilizer that is guaranteed to work and make the soil healthy, packed with nutrients that plants need, improves soil condition and is not harmful to the soil? It would definitely be amazing! All these can be possible with the use of a home-made fertilizer or more commonly known as compost.

DIY Fertilizer Steps

Dig a hole in your backyard. The best size for an average family will be about 4×4 feet and 3 feet deep. Choose a spot where sunlight cannot be available almost throughout the daytime. This hole will be the place where all biodegradable garbage and trash like food leftovers and dried leaves will be dumped to decompose.

After making the hole, put a fence or barrier made of wood or galvanized iron to make a compost pit. Make it at least 3 feet tall to prevent small children and pets from accidentally falling into the pit.

Dump all your biodegradable wastes into the pit. Leave it there and let nature do the magic. Be sure that the pit is not soak with water.

Cover the pit at all times but open it up once in a while to let it “breathe”. This will prevent sunlight from penetrating deep down.

Use earthworms to enrich your compost even more. Earthworms can be bought from your local agricultural establishments and depots. These earthworms can help in the decomposition of the biodegradable matter in your compost pit. They eat up the matter turning them in tinier and easily-decomposed matter. Their movement in the soil and matter in the pit will aerate it, thus making it easier to decompose.

Go Black and You’ll Never Have to Go Back

Keep in mind that the right texture and color of ready-to-use compost is fine and dark or sometimes black.