I figured that since you might leave a comment on my site or subscribe to my newsletter, I should at least let you know what happens when you enter in your email address into the comment box area.

Comment Box Area

When you leave a comment on one of my blog posts, you are required to enter in your name and email address. Note that your email address is kept private and not publicly displayed. I use WordPress to power my website and what it does is email me each time I have a new comment posted to one of my articles.

When that happens I see your name, email, website (if one was given), and your comment in my email Inbox. It also shows your IP address. This is only used by me for notification that I have a new comment on my article, I do absolutely nothing with your email address when it’s displayed to be by blog commenting (other than eventually deleting my WordPress generated email).

Newsletter Email Captures

I have a gardening and landscaping tips newsletter. When you subscribe to my newsletter your information is collected by a 3rd party newsletter service provider called, Aweber. Your email and name are then in their database and added to my list.

Per Aweber’s privacy policy, your email and other information will not be sold to other parties (in other words, you won’t begin receiving spam because you signed up for my newsletter).

If you have any questions about my privacy policy, please contact me.