Paradise in Your Yard: Beach Theme Landscape


Posted by Julien Stern | Posted in landscaping | Posted on 24-04-2013

beach theme landscapeEverybody love going to the beach to enjoy not just swimming, but also the wonderful and breathtaking scenery. The view of the beach is a very relaxing sight that can free one from stress or having an overworked mind. But what if you want to go to the beach every day but the thing is, you don’t live near the beach? What to do?

There is actually a way to have the scene of a beach within the comfort of your home. The answer to this is through creating a theme garden – more specifically, a beach theme garden. Imagine the possibility of having the view of a beach right after stepping out of your own home, amazing right?

Beach theme landscape is a type of landscaping design that is specifically intended to imitate the view of a beach with plants and other things that are commonly found in the seaside and beach area. So whether you are living miles away from a seaside, you can actually bring the beach right at your backyard. All that is left for you to have beside you is a glass of piña colada or a refreshing fruit shake and you can relax all you want, anyway you want, for you have all the freedom because you are just outside your house.

Preparation Phase

Before you start doing something, preparation is always key. When starting a project like a beach theme landscape, it is much better to make a sketch of your home and yard. Through this, you can make consideration whether you want to add up a water feature such as a pool to make your landscape more realistic and refreshing or landscape lights to help improve the feel of your yard at night (tiki torches are awesome).

Preparation of the plants that you are going to put in the beach landscape is also a must. You should choose your plants wisely by making sure that these plants are commonly found in a seaside and beach area. It is much better to visit an actual beach or have a thorough research of the plants you are going to incorporate.

This is also the time to prepare the site you are going to transform into a beach-wannabe area once you have decided the spot to have your beach theme garden. Remove the things and other obstacles in your way for the construction of your landscape. Pull out weed and till the soil where you are to plant the beach vegetation and ornament into.

The Start

Once you are done with all the preparation, you can have the new plants transferred and planted in the area of your beach landscape. Make sure that you choose the appropriate plants to use in the landscape. If you have a pool installed in your landscape, make sure not to put the plants near it because the roots may affect the integrity of the structure of the pool or may damage the walls of the pool underground.

You can also add commercially-bought sand and have it placed on top of the soil in your landscape. You can also make a pathway or walkway towards the beach landscape with the use of pebbles and sand to make your work more realistic and creative. Add a dose of your personal touch and your beach theme garden is good to go.

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