Important Tools in Starting Up Your Own Garden


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When deciding to create your own garden, it is important that you know what tools to use and what things to prepare before starting up. Right set of garden tools will make your garden experience easy, fun and rewarding. There are several tools that every gardener should have to be able to accomplish a garden of his own. If you have some working buddies with you, that would mean easier tasks to accomplish but if you are working on your own, then here are some tips to follow.

Get Ready With the Supplies

Starting is never easy, but once you begin with the project everything will follow smoothly. You need to prepare all the needed tools so you won’t go back and forth inside the house looking for that missing piece.

  • Garden Fork and Steel Rake – These two are perfect combination to clean up the garden beds and to filter out unnecessary compacted rocks. You have to be careful when using these tools because the handles tend to break easily if you put too much pressure on them.
  • Spade and Shovel – These tools are must-have when starting. These are usually used to dig and pick up loose material.
  • Trowel – This hand tool is designed to dig holes, mix soils and easy transplanting. It is available in different sizes depending on the gardener’s need. So keep one that is comfortable in your hands.
  • Garden Gloves – A good set of quality garden gloves is essential to ensure that your hands won’t get hurt from sticks, sharp stones, cuttings and thorns. There are varieties of gloves available to choose from, so it depends which one fits you.
  • Stirrup Hoe – This is the perfect tool in tilling the soil and the easiest one to use in weeding the garden.
  • Garden Pruners and Shears – There are actually different sizes and styles of pruners and shears. Gardeners collect them for easy cutting of shrubs, flowers and foliage.
  • Kneeling Pads and Garden Kneeler – This tool may not be as important as the others but can help in doing gardening tasks a lot easier. This is to protect the knees as gloves protect the hands. This is used to make planting and weeding easier and it comes in different styles to provide comfort to the user.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Before starting your garden, a concrete plan is important to give you a guide on what plants to use, what will be the division and where to plant them. A simple graph on a paper will do as long as it serves its purpose. A plan will also help you save time and money.

Choose the Right Seedlings

If you decided on creating a vegetable garden, you will feel the reward of your labor if you prefer to plant easy to grow vegetables. Consider a seedling that grows in any type of weather so you won’t have a hard time maintaining them. But if you choose to plant flowers, take time to grow them as they are more sensitive and susceptible to various plant diseases.

Ask and You Will Be Answered

Do not hesitate to ask farmers if there are some questions that boggle your mind. Read books, visit helpful websites and subscribe to gardening magazines to help you out in this task. Also, if you have time to visit a nursery, go and check one out since they always have the right plants for everyone.

Making your own garden can be a no-sweat job as long as you have the right tools and ideas. Do not be disheartened if some of your plants do not grow the way they should, you’ll learn and become a better gardener along the way.

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