How to Prepare your Organic Garden?


Posted by Julien Stern | Posted in Gardening | Posted on 29-05-2013

organic gardeningOrganic garden has attracted many gardeners today. They can create their own garden where herbs, vegetables and fruits are planted. It is either for personal consumption or profit.

In organic gardening, you don’t use pesticides, chemicals and other synthetic materials. You just let nature be in charge and allow plants to grow naturally, just use the materials Mother Nature has provided.

Many gardeners prefer this type of gardening because of the health benefits and you can greatly save money in having your own organic garden. However, organic farming is a little bit tricky than you think specially if you are a beginner. So here are some tips you should keep in mind in growing an organic garden:

Don’t spend too much.

Don’t spend your money on those pricey organic fertilizers, organic products or gardening tools. If you spend too much money on these luxuries you will end up having an expensive organic food.

This is against the whole concept of why you chose organic garden. It is supposed to be free from chemicals and supposed to make you save money compared to chemical gardening.

Find the right place.

Before you plant your vegetables, you should know what kind of environment or condition they need. Some plants need more sunlight than others. Some need to be near a water resource.

If you are unsure of the different needs of your plants, then do some thorough research before planting them in the area. If you do this, in no time you will have fine quality and healthy vegetables.

Check the soils.

The first thing you should do is to check the moisture and pH level of the soil. You have to know what type of soil you have in your garden and then make corrections if necessary. If the soil is not in good condition that you may add compost, manures and grass clippings to improve the soil.

To achieve healthy growing vegetables, you have to set your solid in fine quality. A healthy soil means you have health organic plants.

Make compost.

There are two ways you can make compost. One, you can buy it in a store for a very cheap price. Two, you can use the kitchen scraps and waste.

This is disposing your waste in an environmental way. Making compost is not difficult. In fact, after a few times you have tried to make compost, the next ones would be easier.

You garden needs a bit of your time.

Most people tend to forget or ignore their new garden for just a few days. This is definitely not a good idea if you aim for vegetables in fine quality. It takes patience and time before you have a good organic garden.

You must give time and care to your plants or you will be creating problems of your own. In a day, you must spare time for your garden to check for pests, weeds and most importantly, to look after your plants. It might take a great effort for you but in time you will get used to it and you will see and taste the fruit of your labor.

Growing your crops through organic gardening is truly a safe and healthy way for you and your family to eat. After all, studies show that the chemical fertilizers used in crops by some people are linked to many diseases such as Cancer.

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