Edging and Path: Two Ways you Bring Beauty to Landscaping


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You have chosen the right plants for your vegetation, appropriate flowers for your flower beds and you may have added some water features so now it is time to focus on your garden edging. It can be achieved in different ways such as gathering rocks or seek the help of a skilled mason to build your garden a brick wall. Whatever your plan is for your garden, it is essential to install your garden edging for a more attractive landscape.

Types of Garden Edging

Garden is simply explained as the frame you create around the perimeter of your garden. This is very essential for your privacy and also for your plants not to go overboard your property. Hardware stores sell fences and rocks that you can use for your garden edging.

If you want to achieve an aesthetic edge, then you can make use of decorative concrete. They are beautiful and durable but a bit expensive. You can also make use of plants as your edge but it takes a while for the plants to grow fully and become strong edge.

Whatever type of design you want to incorporate in your garden, edging is one element you should not ignore. Make sure to give your time and effort in making the best out of your landscape.

Importance of Garden Paths

Now that you have established your garden edging, it is time to make your garden paths. People might perceive your garden as a closed or private area since you put up the borders but to make them feel welcome to your backyard, you can incorporate pathways from your gate leading up to your garden and your house.

It makes the visitor feel welcome in your beautiful landscape. Garden paths are easier than the garden edging.

Although garden walls are good drainage system, garden paths are also used to keep the water away from your garden. Stone, gravel and concrete are the common materials utilize to make pathways. Also they prevent weeds to invade your plants.

You can also incorporate path covers around your garden so your guests can venture out to your paradise. The path may lead up to a gazebo, a garden patio or a garden fountain. Garden pathways are also used around the pool so you won’t get easily slip when it is wet.

Make sure you have set the budget for this project. If you want to save then you have to do the edging and pathways at the same time. So the materials, labor, expenses and time will all be reduced and you have a garden that is not only attractive but also private.

Garden edging can protect your property and garden 24/7 so you are assured no wildlife will get into your backyard and might damage your garden. You must choose materials that are durable and can withstand extreme weather.

On the other hand, garden paths serve as your guest’s guide towards your house or your garden. Make sure to lead you paths to focal points of the garden so your visitors will truly enjoy what you have done with your landscape.

Garden edging and garden paths both have aesthetic and functional purposes for your landscape but one must be very careful in choosing the designs that will blend well with your garden. These two hardscapes play important roles for the beautification and improvement of your garden.

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