I don’t have much to disclaim but I hear every website should have one so I’ll take a crack at it.

Although I blog about gardening and landscaping in Houston, I certainly am not a licensed professional. Much of what I know comes from a family member who is a landscaper, books, and my own mess’n around in the garden. Also, many of the articles I write will not mention “Houston, Texas” in it as well, gardening is much bigger than simply always talking about doing it in one place.

There are times when I might allow guest posts on this site and even pay someone for an article if I think it’s good, but not always. In other words, I can’t tell you what the future will hold for my blog so I’m just letting you know that anything is possible.

As of January 2013 I have yet to offer out any kind of affiliate offers, which means anything I mention on my site does not compensate me in any way; however, in the future that could change. If so, I will let you know when a link I make to a product is an affiliate link (which means I would make a small commission should you link from my site to the other site and buy the product).