About Julien

organic-gardening-compostHey what’s this? You want to know something about me? Nice.

Okay so first off… those are not my hands you see on the right. I don’t really have any nice photos of me in the yard and my head shot photos I have, well… I didn’t like any of them, so a hand digging in the soil and uplifting a small plant is what you get.

It’s All About Houston, Texas

texasI’m a born and raised in Houston Texan and proud of it and along with my plants in my yard, I’m also growing 2 small children… well okay they live in the house and I suppose I’m not “growing” them, but it sounded good so I went with it.

I attended the University of Houston and majored in Earth Sciences, so if you need to know about Earth I suppose I’m the guy to ask. During my free time, however, I love to spend time in my garden. I feel totally at ease there and though I’m not a “licensed” gardener (if there is such a thing), I consider myself a non-licensed amateur.

That being the case, this blog is a place for me to just talk about things I’ve learned.

Who This Site is For

Although I garden in Houston, much of what I write on this blog will appeal to anyone interested in gardening and landscaping. My appreciation for the trade goes beyond simply what kind of plants work well in Texas and all that.

So I’d say this blog is for those of you who are interested in gardens, garden types, landscaping, and of course gardening. It might not be the most technical blog out there, but I’m sure my experience will help you learn something. I should note, too, that sometimes other people might post articles to this blog because, well I can’t do it all.

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