Beautiful Flower Garden to Enhance Your Landscape


Posted by Julien Stern | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 04-03-2017

It is not only lighting, pond, fences or gazebos can enhance the landscape of your garden, your flowers can also do the trick.

Choosing the most colorful and appealing flowers for your front yard is one of the most effective keys to improve the landscape. You may have the most attractive house in the neighborhood and you have trees and shrubs in your property, but without flowers, your landscape will look boring and uninteresting.

Aside from giving an appealing look at your home, these flowers makes you feel relaxed just by just looking at them. So plant your sweet-scented blossoms in front of your home and have a natural air-freshener for the whole year.

Small or big structures need detailed planning to achieve the goal. This also goes for your front yard landscaping. If you will not spend time planning it carefully then you have a mix of dying and blooming flowers which is unattractive to look at.

So before you set everything in place, be sure to consider some of these factors:

  1. Climate. This is the first thing that you should consider because it will determine the best flower to use. If you are in a tropical countries, then its best to stick to hibiscus, orchid, roses and sunflowers. On the other hand, pansies, snapdragons and camellias for cold areas.
  2. Amount of sunlight.

It is important that your flowers can have the amount of sunlight they need. So be sure your front yard will receive most sunlight. However, bleeding-hearts, bellflowers and primroses are comfortable in the shady area.

  1. Your home’s exterior look. The colors of your flowers should complement the façade of your house. Yellow flowers can make your red porch stand out while pink, white or lilac flowers have that serene effect for a dark-shaded façade.

No doubt, flowers will breathe new life to your front yard. So here are some tips in selecting the best flowers for the front yard:

  • Choose native flowers.

Choose flowers that are native in your area. They have adapted the climate and type of soil. So it would be easy to take care of them rather than foreign flowers.

  • Consider the color of the flower.

An all-white or all-pink flower garden is not interesting to look at. Try to combine the different colors and make sure they either complement or contrast each other.

  • Consider the size.

Remember flowers grow until three feet while others remain at small sizes. So try to plant the tall ones at the middle and smaller ones at the sides.

  • Mix the perennials and annuals.

Since annuals die after a year, perennials provide life and color to the garden while annuals are being replaced. So definitely, they complement each.

These are just some tips on how to make a beautiful flower garden to boost your landscape. Flowers are definitely the crown of glory of your garden, so it is important that use them wisely. This will make your neighbors turn every time they pass by your house.